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We the people



Standing as ONE



About Me

 My home has always been Middle Tennessee, and I reside in Lebanon (Gladeville) today. I, along with four siblings, was raised by a widowed mother, after the death of my father when I was just 11 years old . I can personally attest to hard times, embarrassment and humiliation ,as well as the value in remaining humble in my successes. Early my father taught me salesman skills by selling fruitcakes for the Civitan Club door to door. I would also sell seed and flower packets during spring and summer months and Christmas Cards during the holiday season ( all of which were ordered from my Boy's Life Magazine). I worked in many varieties starting as a shoeshine boy, then dishwasher (making  .50 cents an hour) to cutting grass at the age of 10. At 14 I started working 40 hrs per week while attending and later graduating school. Christian values is my foundation and learning platform. I attended David Lipscomb College ,where my values were able to build stronger as it is a Christian School. I am a  long time small business owner as a Real Estate Agent, as well as a  retiree from FEDEX. I was also a Brentwood FireFighter and a Brentwood / Mt.Juliet Postal Worker. Hard work is my metal and I am proud of it.  I have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. Along with my parents and grandmothers, the Boy Scouts and Jesus Christ has made me a Honorable Man with Love and Compassion for all.

The Rulebook

I am a firm believer in the United States Constitution and I will fight to uphold  those rights. As they are for every American to enjoy and can't be destroyed by 1 person or 1 branch of OUR government.  

We, as United States citizens should all be concerned with our current state of affairs and fight against that which promotes hatred and divides us. We are all one  - Americans! 

Lets try COMMON SENSE to reach COMMON GROUND.    

My promise to you

I will work hard to make Wilson , Cannon and Dekalb Counties better and protect our way of life. I will be proactive in stopping bad things that will harm that way of life and our property values, like what a landfill would do. Rutherford county is closing theirs so therefore the State is probably looking.  I will be proactive to STOP this  in our district. I will be there for all your concerns because I am you.  


Public Safety

We need to be more proactive with better law enforcement and keep harden  criminals behind bars.

Health Care

 Greatest country in the world but treat Americans like 2nd class citizens. We need coverage for everyone! Preventive care with dental will help stop bad health situations for most . Less than 50% companies of U.S. offer Health Insurance for their employees. 

Law Enforcement & Teachers

The ones that PROTECT and TEACH us, deserve RESPECT and BETTER PAY. The bad ones need to be weeded out and the good ones need to be rewarded for their excellent work. Only the best for Tennessee!

Charities & Churches

Charities and Churches need to be allowed to host Bingo and Raffle events to help their causes. 


Making it legal is a win - win for us. We will get another tax revenue source and additional crop for farmers. It will allow police and courts to focus on more serious crimes . Let's put the smugglers out of business.  It has medical benefits and is far better than alcohol. We all have choices in life. Live and Let Live.

Animal Cruelty

NO TOLERANCE for dog and chicken fighters! Mandatory 5 years prison 1st offense and seizure of assets of all participants. Stop abusive practices to animals. Help dog and cat hoarders in bad situations. Stop Animal kill shelters.  


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